Hi there! Welcome to my small online space -:)

In Brief

James Shisiah here...
and this is website by a developer... for developers
Here, You are likely to find a lot of useful and fun information about technology, gadgets, trends...

Passionate about Android Development, Website Development, Web Hosting, Information Security, WordPress Development, SquareSpace Development, Quantum Physics

My Skills

Here is a list of stuff I can do

Web Development

I have practical skills in the following technologies, a combination of which enables me develop simple to complex websites

  • PHP
  • JavaScript(JQUERY)
  • HTML5
  • CSS(Bootstrap)
  • MySQL

Mobile App Development

Developing for Android is just way interesting... (I haven't tried developing for iOS yet, but soon... very soon)
A practical knowledge of the following technologies enables me develop Android apps

  • JAVA
  • XML
  • Googling (I google a lot)
  • StackOverflow()


Just like I put together lines of codes to make usable apps, I tend to think I can put together words, to form sentences which I can combine to make paragraphs and hence articles. Check out my blog

I can easily setup a WordPress Blogging Site as well. This includes adding all the necessary plugins, approriate themes, and modifying code where necessary (most of the time it's never necessary)


Some of what has been keeping my brain cells resonating...

This is me

How hard is it to say something about oneself? Hard enough if modesty has to apply.

I am James Shisiah, a professional developer –I would still be one without the paycheck. I have a bachelors in Computer Science, majored in Software Engineering, well, as formal literacy dictates, nonetheless, trust me when I say it didn’t come with the skills! Most of the skill is self-sort, a journey worth a beer while narrating.

This indefatigable love for technology is deeply rooted in my childhood. I have always found computers fascinating, however old, don’t get me wrong, slow speeds are just but a spoiler! “How about instructing these computers for a career!” I thought to myself. Today, I live the happily ever after, creating what you guys might most know me for. I am proud of my work with virtually all languages I have hacked except my ever needy mastery of the UI. Think about it, impressing a middle-aged, partially heart-broken, domineering male client, who finds pink bold if on a landing page is one of the hardest days I get in the office.

Besides a burgeoning want for my own beer brand and an MSC in Information Security, I do find Techno and Trace music a need. I have a goal of marrying a geek, a dream of coding in Mars and a taste for minimalist lifestyles. Don’t ask me whether I believe in the afterlife; I haven’t even lived this one! Guilty thoughts, farming is still cool and keeping fit is raising ROI. Animals are cute if taken care of. I condone all except those without a sense of sarcasm and all those who may hate me based on this line.


Drop Me a Line...


Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: (+254) 701 437 909